Have I Really Changed?

Thus far (well, at least since last year), I've been inclined to blame all the seemingly new social ineptness and especially arrogance, particularly as regards the intellect of the average human being, on UChicago. But I was going through old blog entries (the oldest, and for the most inane reason possible--except that it's impossible to avoid reading everything even though I'm trying, so I've noticed things), and I'm starting to wonder if I either am the same person or if, through some oddly convoluted route, I've ended up in the same place.

Either way, it's a bit frustrating. Isn't college supposed to be some amazing...something? Journey? I hear that employers like undergrad degrees because having one is a sign that you're able to commit to a big project. So there's the summary of four years of highs and lows....

The worst part is, I think what I called the "angst" (no, I never wrote poetry...thank god(s)) is trying to make a return.

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