Uh, What.

Bring your guns to church--or, more interestingly, there's been an upswing in the amount of guns that people are buying these days.

Allegedly it's a combination of the failing economy, a fear that Obama will tighten gun restrictions, and the fact that Obama has so far not done anything about gun restrictions. Either way, I'm starting to think I should find a range soon...(yes, I want to learn how to shoot a gun. No, I have no idea where to start, especially since I probably couldn't take the kickback on a pistol that is the gun equivalent of a miniature poodle).

Also, all dead famous people were killed by TMZ and your complete failure to have a real life. :O

I'm actually really impressed at how huge Michael Jackson's following is. He hasn't made music since the '90s...most bands sink into oblivion after a year or two of not producing.

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