Dead Celebrities

...I guess it's not so bad, this obsession everyone seems to have with the mysterious death of Michael Jackson at age 50 from an alleged heart attack (ha! more Google hits for me!) and all those other dead or fucked up celebrities, at least for a month or two....

When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle supposedly killed off Sherlock Holmes in one of his books, people actually wore black bands of mourning on their arms. All this, for a fictional character!

Not to mention the weird attachments people develop to cartoon characters and suchlike. Nevertheless, I'll never get fixations on some famous person, even if xxxxx defined your childhood or whatever--you didn't even know them, and the aspect you did know is immortal (well, until every last copy of whatever is destroyed).

On a side note, does anyone else get those epiphany moments of finally understanding what a word means upon the first time seeing an example of it?

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