The Brain Will Kill Us

It's an interesting idea that I often see in movies or popular literature (okay, newspapers/magazines) and all that jazz...basically, people are getting too smart for their own good, and at the rate things are going we're going to finally just set off the goddamn nuke that takes out every single city on the planet....

I disagree.

If anything, science is making people live longer.

Which is actually the problem.

The purpose of an individual in a species is to procreate and basically maintain the kind of genetic diversity necessary for survival. But if we're living longer, it means we're basically consuming resources that should be going to our descendants. Not to mention the fact that edumacated people tend to have less children (and relationships...) than non-edumacated people. (Maybe this is correlated to the fact that educated people are also less religious. Someone should study that.)

But anyway.

Science is, ironically, killing our species by simultaneously muddying and narrowing the gene pool.

If you read this the wrong way, I sound like an advocate of eugenics.

If you read this the wrong way, you are a silly face. And I don't believe in eugenics, I believe in no-genics! It's the only way to make the Earth happy again!

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