...is secretly Canada. I am officially convinced of this by things like the strange road and city names, the weirdly low prices (I got a giant ice cream cone for insanely cheap...hail 5% sales tax forever), the strange red building that was simultaneously an armory and a gym (how efficient!) and the nice people.

Also, the fact that the weather was way better than Chicago. What the hell, July. (Not that it's easy to complain about the lack of obscene heat.)

Reasons to have a Jewish wedding: glass breaking, spontaneous singing, crazy circle dance, and being lifted up on chairs. On the other hand, Manischewitz ew, so it's best to not combine this with any sort of religion at all.

P.S. I'm pretty sure Sarah Palin left to avoid having to deal with a state that did not have a budget surplus.


Beth said...

Actually, theres no sales tax on food at all, just on stuff (and that is 5.5%). Amish people live there, you can get lost in corn fields driving, and theres lakes everywhere, but not as many as minn. of course. The state mascot (practically) is bucky badger, and all the hippie liberals live in madison, the rest of the state should pretty much be like the bible belt, except maybe Milwaulkee.

The Reporter said...

Yeah...technically I should have called this "UW Madison," but hey, close enough. :P

Also...no food tax...(cries to)