Infertile Men Having Children

This story on scientists allegedly creating sperm from stem cells was just too good for me not to do something longer about it (and yeah, I really do see Twitter as a micro-blog and RSS 3.0 all in one)....

Well, the idea is that infertile men could have children. But here's the thing...they used embryonic stem cells...admittedly, this says nothing about the source of the 'father' DNA, but imagine a craaaazy world where the sole, eight-year-old heir to the fortune somehow ends up with a kid!

Nah, that's a little too far out there. I have no particular desire to read the journal article, unless you find it for me, so...yeah.

But I am going to do something I never do and ask you if you'd approve of a world in which gay or lesbian partners, or even singles who basically want a kid with their and only their DNA, can have children (in some cases with the help of a surrogate mother, or while we're in this crazy future world an artificial womb)?

I really don't have an answer to this one, but I don't think it would bother me if the parents went through the ideal world's (a.k.a. not horribly biased) screening for anyone who wants to be a parent. Also, seriously, there are enough babies in the world already...adopt!

Also, raise your hand if you hate it when the media publish science-based articles before any refutations have been made and without even linking to the original journal article.

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