land where my fathers lied

Well, maybe they were all politicians.

I realize that I forgot to post my customary 4th of July rant about how they got the day completely wrong--the Declaration of Independence was just this throwaway document justifying war against Britain, should we really be celebrating that; we should be giving more attention to the Constitution (May 15, 1781) considering how schools are always bitching about how kids don't know jack shit these days--well, it's obviously because you've been teaching them this stupid nonsense....

And then my friend pointed out that July is a much better time for celebration than May (at least in this hellhole part of the world). Seems pretty reasonable to me.

But, seriously, responsibility, people. One of my favorite things about President Obama is that he insists on making sure people look in the mirror before they find a nice lawyer to sue the mean, nasty corporations for them.

More on that, eventually.

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