Universal Studios

Finally, something that doesn't have to be entirely kid-friendly...it's really funny how many parents take their kids on these rides that are very clearly labeled as 'scary' all the while insisting that "The rides aren't scary!" to their nervous children and then doing things like cramming their hands over the kids' mouths once they have a freakout and start crying or whatever.

But anyway, this is the closest (besides Sea World, of course) that I got to having a real ride...much to my chagrin, the new roller coaster isn't open yet...but it looks totally awesome. :O

It was cool, though, because a lot of their attractions are based on movies (no shit) and feature segments that they must have had to film separately. It was kind of like watching the special features, except better because the seats moved and all that.

Goodtimes. Probably besttimes if we'd done everything before the Magic Kingdom...but the only day it didn't rain at all was the day we went there, so, yeah.

P.S. This place is heaven for pyromaniacs. There was fire everywhere in nice, large gouts and mini-explosions. It was real.

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