Epcot: Future Town Maximum

So Epcot is basically like Tomorrowland on steroids. Lots of steroids. And way more indoors, which is totally fine because Florida is gross in the summer (humidity + heat + crowd? NOT. GOOD. I mean, did you really want to know exactly what sweat smelled like?). The rides, good...but nothing there is on the scale of the Magic Kingdom. Which, as I already mentioned, is ridiculous.

I thought that Illinois' complete failure of eco-friendliness had been rubbed in at the Magic Kingdom...but Epcot really drives it home. There's a ton of interactive things there, a lot--if not all--of which are concerned with the future. Which, of course, is quite green these days.

The international stuff is alright--more for looking at than for doing; almost everything is stores, although there are a few rides and movies...but I think I'm still using the Magic Kingdom as a point of comparison, which is of course completely ludicrous.

Also, Spaceship Earth...it's really cute how they avoided the whole creation of the universe thing. Although they do mention prehistoric peoples, they skip pretty quickly to real civilizations...well, a lot of Christians do support the park, so it's legit. And why offend anyone (scientists included) if all you have to do is omit a few details?

Monorail! Monorail! Monorail!

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