Get Over It.

And by 'it' I mean 'yourself,' of course.

They just don't say this enough in modern America. I mean, everyone is so obsessed with making sure everyone's happy....

School districts end up dropping money on bullshit award ceremonies. Who the fuck celebrates graduating third grade? Districts that are already god knows how much in debt, that's who. It's like giving out a gold star every time someone doesn't shit themselves. Wow! You did the minimum expected requirement! And then--what's really funny to me--is that they can't figure out why we're so far behind other countries in terms of education. Gee, maybe it's because no one else feels the need to pander to feeeeeelings.

People are fat, and we're not allowed to point it out. I mean, there is a certain standard of social decency to be expected, but when someone is eating their way into diabetes and a heart attack before the age of 30, you aren't supposed to tell them to be happy with their body! Granted, anorexia is not really an acceptable alternative, but if people were more used to hearing criticism, then maybe they'd be better at taking it. (Also, exercise seriously ftw.)

I don't know, this mollycoddling is getting out of control. Especially in schools.

Oh, I'm sorry, did this make you feel sad?

On "Dexter" (the HBO show): only in America could a serial killer find it a problem to not have feelings. (First season's good, check it out.)

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