Directly relates to earlier post.

It's because everyone gets it out on the Internet!

This is not a good thing.

Things are extreme out here on the world wide interwebs. People are a lot meaner, but in response the other people are excessively nice. So, imagine EmoBoy13. Bitching about his parents on LiveJournal. Someone comes along and completely disses on him, even if his complaint is more legitimate than 'my parents don't want me to get a lip piercing.' Twenty other EmoBoys come along and attack the dude who was attacking EmoBoy13 in the first place.

Where, in any of this nonsense, is there a place for rationality?

In reality, a friend of EmoBoy13, who probably knows him as Jake or whatever his name really is, would point out the good along with the bad (well, one could hope). And there wouldn't be a giant pile of 'tards hanging out just waiting to jump on one bandwagon or another! Because that is not...exactly...how reality works.

Let's face it, people love following. But people love apathy even more.

Bring back apathy on the Internet! Feelings are for reality (in limited doses).

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