Prima Donnas at Home

So...Oprah is evidently filming the first week of her new season here in Chicago. The kickoff party yesterday blocked off part of Michigan Avenue...which, especially considering what the pattern is already like in the city, must have been a complete fucking nightmare for anyone who had to go through that. On the other hand, this is the same person who thought that poor people would benefit from shiny new cars and who built a $40 million school only for a small number of females in the middle of Africa. If you can show me that these are more practical and honest acts of altruism than gimmicky, feel-good things for Oprah herself, I'll change my mind. (At the same time, has she ever put herself forth as the new Mother Teresa? I mean, it's her money, she can spend it how she wants.)

Anyway. Real issue at hand: the city totally allowed this. And they'll allow it for anyone who wants to film here, or any star who's returning here--basically, Chicago is on this huge publicity...beast that means that the people who actually live here, who haven't spent most of their lives out on tour or in Hollywood. I wonder if other cities that are this large do this kind of thing? On the other hand, it's the closest Chicago's come to cleaning up its act....

In other news, health care reform won't kill you/the President hasn't forgotten his campaign promises. I like the referral to something intelligent done by Bush's team--strong play for bipartisanship, especially considering the most popular rumor about our finally ex-president.

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