Go On, Scare Me


I have never, ever seen an original American horror movie that got more than an 'oh my god that gore was totally awesome!' out of me. (Okay, so I don't jump for anything less than a really loud noise, but hey whatever how is that relevant to...)

I want to be scared by something that is genuinely impractical!

So here's an open challenge for, actually, any horror director, although every other country seems to be better at not just raining down the CG...make me a movie that is really. fucking. scary.


God, I have no clue. I've spent far too long predicting what'll come next or being cynically amused at bad attempts to shock...so I guess you'll just have to surprise the hell out of me.

And, of course, I have talked this over with my ego and we do agree that anything I find scary will also terrorize you.


On a final note, though, American moviemakers...keep up the makeup work.


Anonymous said...

Paranormal Activity. Just came out in theatres. Purportedly amazing.

I don't really do horrors so I'm speaking more for various critics and reviewers than for myself.

Anastassia said...

If you ever find anything scary, I have to see it. I've been watching horror movies all fucking month and they're all awful and fucking dumb.

The biggest most ultimate failure of all being Paranormal Activity. It was so bad I mistook it for a comedy.

Anastassia said...

Wow, I'm sorry, but I hated it. I found nothing at all scary about doors creaking. Or demons. Not my thing.