Only three decades ago (okay I guess four oh my GOD the first decade of the 21st century is almost over...*cough* two more years), the word 'intangible' had a very different meaning.

Intangibles were thoughts, feelings, sensations. Private things, personal things.

But today...well, let's just start with these words. Where do they exist? I mean, yeah, there's a data bank somewhere in Red...something City where this information is stored, but here, now, on your computer? Working with the things has at least made me appreciate a hard drive, but it hasn't made anything seem any more real.

And when you think about the kind of data filling up millions of servers and machines that would be completely useless given a circumstance as whimsical as a power failure....

Take a moment to think about how strange it is that the most--and least--important stuff in the world is no longer in a form you can touch.

On a probably unrelated note, my nails are covered in glitter. It looks like a unicorn puked on them.


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