Don't Buy Roses

If you are one of those unfortunates obligated to make some kind of offering at the altar of Getting Laid/Not Sleeping on the Couch Again for Valentine's Day, but also care about the environment...don't buy roses. At least not ones that don't explicitly say they're grown in the U.S.

I believe it's Libya that has the largest flower farming trade--either way, it's some African country/ies--but, long story short, mass production of flowers is terrible for the environment.

For one, the genetic pushing that goes into making that giant perfect blossom requires a ton of water. We're talking ecosystem-damaging ton of water, seriously it's not good for lakes.

For two, flowers not grown in pesticide-regulating countries are lathered with chemicals to keep them fresher longer (I mean, how else would they get from Africa to a supermarket here anyway).

So yeah. What should you buy?

a) Sweets. Everything comes in sugar free or low fat now, there's no excuse not to even if s/he's on a diet. Besides, one truffle doesn't hurt....
b) Shinies.


Samuel said...

Ironically, this post was flanked on all sides by advertisements for roses.

The Reporter said...

hahaha yeah someone mentioned that to me too...in the interest of capitalism, I have to say that it's all right if you click on them. just don't buy anything!