Figure Skating = Manly?

Okay...so for those of you not obsessively watching segments of the Olympics, basically the dude who got the silver in men's figure skating (Plushenko) says that the dude who got the gold (Lysacek) isn't a "real champion" because he didn't do a quad.

In short, real men twirl around four times on the ice.

If the diva-esque quality of the costumes, the delicacy with which movements have to be executed, the heavy emphasis on flexibility even more than strength (which, by the way, is horribly unfair that dudes can get that flexible and still be stronger than chicks), and the general use of lovely classical music weren't enough to convince you that figure skating doesn't quite follow the classical definition of what a real man is (except for that bit about being in shape)....

I rather like the idea of not having men be all gross and hairy. Hail metrosexual! (Okay but seriously men should be allowed to wear skirts, if it's cool for women to wear pants. Time to get over appearance stereotypy, regardless of physical truths.) It's interesting to see, though, how strongly gender-biased sports and even colors are in the U.S.--a pink backpack is unremarkable on a dude in India, for instance; and male ballerinas are totally hot in Russia (or so I'd assume).

While on it, though, I'll note that real men rip off bear heads and then eat the steaming hearts uncooked, and then prance around in the blood.

Also, how has Shaun White not landed a shampoo deal? That guy has volume some women would kill for. And also, y'know, ridiculously high jumps.

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