Parabens, PVC, Everywhere

The first thing you discover when you start caring about where your goods are coming from--and I mean, really caring, like not just oh man this is bad for the environment or oh man this is going to give me cancer but both at the same time, plus a little touch of how will future generations have to deal with this....

The first thing you discover is that pretty much everything you own should go.

Dairy/meat? As a rule, higher fat content means more awful molecules tucked away--those hydrocarbon chains just love to party inside the flab (which is one of the reasons that increased disease does correlate with obesity, I think, and might even be able to find proof for). Add this to the cost of transportation, refrigeration, and keeping the animals around...blerg. Go vegan if you really love the environment.

PVC/parabens/every chemical ever...forget the fact that it sheds stuff that is a) going into your skin and fucking with your endocrine system (which is easily disrupted by the tiniest changes), and b) the production process has the kind of byproducts that make you wonder what person thought they were a good idea in the first place (I mean, dioxins? really?!)...here's c) we still have no idea what their long term behavior is. We're getting there, but...brrrr.

So, anyway. Throwing away all this shit isn't really a good solution, now is it? As vaguely hinted at, this kind of stuff is what makes up landfills, kills ocean life for fun, and just generally sits there not decomposing (as of yet, no bacteria have evolved that can break down plastics; obviously, that's supposed to be a design feature).

I have decided to use up all my Bath & Body Works lotions, do my best to recycle plastics, in general the best I can without wasting what's already been paid for (with cash, not figuratively)...as for dairy products, I finally swore off milk (although I've been using it in things my family's going to be eating), even though it means supporting Monsanto every now and then :/ ...yogurt and readymade cookies are so good though....

The one place to be really careful is sticking parabens in your mouth. So, don't put on lotion right before eating (unless you are too prissy to ever lick your fingers).

pt. 2 coming soon.

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