More abortion, plz.

So I recently found out about the movements out there to save the earth by, as I have long maintained, killing all humans. Some of them are as radical as promoting homicide, suicide, etc.--others just maintain that we should stop having children.

Aside from creating a whole 'Children of Men' style scenario, should there be a global effort to reduce the amount of kids born?

I'd say...yeah. At least in India, where the land is already overflowing with starving little brown bodies (not to be confused with our 'little brown brothers' the Philippines...oh, William Howard Taft, you do have a legacy besides getting stuck in the White House tub).

Of course, this brings up the really snarly problem of a) does a global institution have the right to make such a statement and b) considering how much money the G20 lends out, they could probably add such strings, which pushes straight into c) it'll be viewed as a conspiracy to screw over undeveloped countries, which d) it pretty much is.

Anyway, do your duty by the environment and have an abortion today!

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