Economic Advertising (Plus, Iron Man 2)

So this has definitely been going on since...hmm, around last Thanksgiving or Christmas, but have you noticed that more and more organizations are teaming up to produce ads? It might be something really obvious like AT&T and Apple (for the iPhone), but there were a few Amazon/Apple (or something) ads in December, and now there's the Burger King slash Iron Man ads.

About time, dudes! Ad space is fucking expensive! Rock on--save money forever!

But anyway...Iron Man 2. How awesome is it going to be?! They had one 3D sequence...their 3D animation has gotten even better in this one. (I was in a class on Maya when the last one came out. I spent the entire time ogling Robert Downey, Jr.'s smooth-moving metal-encased joints.)

Also, there have been way too many emo or not-really-worth-it movies out this year. What the hell, spring (not that you'd know it from the weather...). I think it might be a trend, though...there's pretty much never a good movie out for my birthday. Laaaaame.

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