God Hates "Fags"

Yeah, it is a terribly ugly word in U.S. English and I don't like using it, even in this parodic context...but this would be an amazing anti-smoking campaign in the UK. (Half the population doesn't believe in evolution; who knows what else they'll take on faith.)

One thing about cigarettes...they are horribly addictive. I don't understand why, nicotine must be perfectly shaped for the receptors in the pleasure center or something. It sort of makes sense since tobacco is natural, though. (Maybe fire/digestion makes its seeds spread better!) Also, 'thirdhand smoke' is the stupidest term for something very obvious ever.

Anyway, I'm surprised this hasn't been done before--maybe it has.

I hope you weren't thinking I'd say something negative about the LGTBQ crowd here--I'm, and have been since high school or before, an egalitarian! Marriage should be abolished entirely, because it's unconstitutional (mixes the church into the state). CIVIL UNIONS FOR EVERYONE, WHAT. :O

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