Living Online

Obviously this is somewhat of a followup to the last one, anyway....

Remember back when it was really hard to remember what you'd been talking about yesterday or three months ago or whenever because you'd have these conversations in the phone or in person and auditory memory, while strong for some people, can't be recalled unless you were recording all your conversations (in which case, creepo)?

Except that now, we've got IMing and sexting and Facebook messages and long drawn out emails where everything's on the record and even if you go off the record there's no guarantee that the company you're using is really deleting everything--

And don't get me started on searches (at least Google tries to keep that content private, I know Yahoo doesn't, and now they've teamed up with Bing (bing!) so who knows what the situation is)....

Privacy is dead. And that is the price we pay for such enormous conveniences.

Get used to it or live in an unwired* cave.

*I wanted to say wireless, but that means something new these days. Wheeee.

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