Lying Online

Doing series is addictive...woo....

Anyway, so we don't do privacy anymore. The Internet is where you go to air your dirty laundry, especially if you can't tell your friends/family/therapist about it. Go check out websites like PostSecret.com and FMyLife.com and, god, fucking LiveJournal. All of it.

But at the same time all this honesty's popped up, it's so easy to lie with all the time you need to fabricate properly, get all the details right, and most of all not have to show anyone your face or sudden modulations in the pitch of your voice. Case in point, I'm going to post two ridiculous stories below. One of them is true.

ONE. This happened back when I lived in San Diego. Most years we'd go to La Jolla for the Fourth of July or for all sorts of other stuff--well, La Jolla's a pretty swank district with lots of coast. One of the areas was this kind of lower cave-ish area surrounded by a bunch of rocks; in short, a mini-cliff. In '98 or '99 (maybe '00, even), a ton of seals came to that area. You weren't supposed to get too close, of course they had the area cordoned off a little ways--but if you were on the beach then you were just around a bend.

I was dipping my toes into the edge, going out a little further and further, when I slipped on something. Something soft, and warm, and even a little sinuous.

Right as I'd stuck my nose close to the water it slipped away.

To this day no one believes me when I tell them a (baby?) seal rubbed against me for a moment, but that's because they weren't there. If you'd been standing there, so close to the seals you could smell them when the breeze was blowing the right way....

TWO. When we first got to Greece, of course we all wanted to go to the Acropolis. And with the benefit of a little jet lag a bunch of us were feeling pretty spry around ten, maybe eleven p.m. local time--anyway, off we went. It was kind of dark but well we managed; a couple of thoughtful people brought flashlights and there was a decent amount of low lighting. Most amazingly, we made a ton of noise but no one ever stopped us. I guess there are no guards, but considering the anal-retentiveness I encountered at every site they must have just been watching out for anyone entering the actual ruins.

Anyway, we eventually clambered to the top, or as close to the top as we were willing to get--the Acropolis itself is roped off, and with the super-slippery surfaces no one wanted to take that risk in the middle of the night.

So. Um. Now this one I do feel terribly awkward sharing online because it's not in my nature to reveal personal stuff on a wide scale, even if no one's reading these they can read these.... In short, we got really bored and it was super dark, and there'd been a fair amount of wine at dinner (which runs damn late in Greece), so we ended up streaking the Acropolis.

Want the answers? Ask me! :D

Also how pretty is this site now. Custom CSS rocks. Wordpress, this is why I will not transfer to you--sorry!

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