Does Capitalism Have to End?


Uh, dude, I'm not talking about replacing it with communism; I'm talking about some form of socialism (EU-style, maybe, though perhaps without letting fail countries join...Greece I love you but you are the laziest place I've ever been; actually, that's pretty much why I love you). Truthfully, I have no idea what socialism means, except it's not as ridiculous and totally wrong as communism, which seems to involve a forceful deposition of any non-proletariat leaders. Socialism is a lot more gradual, mainly trying to improve the living standards of the poor at the financial expense of the rich. In short, one's more economic and the other's more political, despite their original intentions.

I just pulled a Levi-Strauss!

Why would I ask such a crazy thing, though?

Well, capitalism is currently boning food (read 'The End of Food' to learn much, much more about how food cannot be treated like any other economic/global commodity, even though it constantly is); capitalism is boning the media (rather, those who use it to learn things, especially about science: one fringe dude saying something does not mean that most scientists think that way, it's the nature of science to be open to things); capitalism is boning everyone who can't get a job because we've reached a point where the service sector is so overblown that it's practically necessary to spend at least eight years in undergraduate and graduate studies.

I've been reading a lot about earth sustainability lately, and it's hard not to start thinking about human sustainability--of course, they're all interconnected (more on this later, once I'm done reading Tim Flannery's 'The Weather Makers'): I'm not sure we can sustain civilization without continuing to liberalize.

Just a warning to all you conservatives out there.

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