Screw Aliens (Sorry, Stephen Hawking)

Wait, no, not like that! Do not attempt sex with an alien race. For all you know, sticking something in there might get...something else burned off. Or, y'know, whatever.

Anyway, caring about aliens at all--even looking for alien life forms--is just really stupid.

Assume we find an extrasolar planet with any sign of life on it. Firstly, we won't be able to communicate it. And we won't even be able to travel there (or vice versa) in any reasonable span of time, rendering the attempt unfeasible.

For all intents and purposes, extraterrestrial life doesn't exist. If we find it we won't be able to communicate with it--even pictures are meaningless if your very senses are different; imagine trying to teach a fish about stop signs and colors--and we'll never be able to meet with it. Despite all those awesome sci-fi things out there, speed of light travel is currently impossible. Einstein said so.

On the other hand, Einstein seems to have believed in God, so....

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