Why I Use Emoticons

It occurs to me that I use emoticons a lot when I'm communicating by text--not as much here, because of course I have ample room to type everything I want out...maybe that fucks with your ability to read it but hey whatever!

Anyway, I've wondered occasionally if this sort of thing is obnoxious (no one likes excessive 'lol'ing or other shorthand thingies, after all), so I tried to reevaluate my use.

The problem is that, too often in reality, people misconstrue my intentions, by which I mostly mean that they completely fail to realize I'm being sarcastic. (Other emotions? Those are for dorks. And, um, movies and job interviews. See The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
for the best scene ever involving this.)

Anyway, I think I'm just overcompensating for my failure to display emotions in reality, and also my constant fear of stupid people and the way the Internet pretty much massively caters to them.


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