Toronto Vs. Chicago: City Showdown

Believe me, this is a really hard comparison not to make. They're at similar latitudes, both are famous for their tall structures and neighborhoods and shopping...and, seriously, Toronto makes the comparison. Chicago's a little too busy being flabby and machiney to make it back, but someday....

Tall Stuff
The CN Tower is round and has a glass floor. It also allegedly has the highest observation floor in the world (the 'skypod'--you have to pay extra to go to it but methinks it worthwhile).
Something hilarious: they have this listing of tallest buildings, with the CN Tower first--well, the Sears Tower doesn't have its antenna included! (I don't think it should ever be included, but all the other buildings have them.)
Anyway, Chicago's got the Hancock, too. But it doesn't have the nice unspoiled view of islands and Lake Ontario, but it's also got an actual cityline. I imagine in about a hundred years or so Toronto will have caught up--they've got some massive construction going on right now (in part, it is suspected, for the G20 conference coming up soon).

Why doesn't Chicago have this?!
Let me give you a picture. It's November in Chicago and there's ice all over the streets and a wind driving you to tears--or it would if your ducts weren't frozen over.... How awesome would it be to just walk around underground between all the banks. And not in some unattractive hellhole either, but in a wonderful underground concourse that's basically an enormous mall laden with food courts and every type of shop (and bank) Canada has to offer.

Anyway, I think I wouldn't mind living there, but I haven't seen enough of it.

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