I Never Want to See Social Media Again (but Futurama is alright)

I hope at least some of you are receiving this via my (public) Twitter or (private) Facebook, just to drive the irony home. :D

Anyway, the phrase has gone far beyond the irritation level of "going green", because while the latter was for an actual purpose the former's just marketing. (For the record, I use Twitter mainly to get news. About three of my friends are on it. Also, I think it's super-creepy to say things about yourself in public. And super-stupid to not realize they're public even if you're only getting five hits a day.)

So...yeah. I get using it, I actually approve of the 'Like' and tiny buttons everywhere integration (though I do think Facebook needs to start setting the default privacy higher rather than lower), but, seriously.

Can we find something new to tweet about?

And no, I don't believe in the Fourth of July. We should be celebrating the real revolutionary document. Constitution forever! I'll see you on May 15th.

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