The Road to Progress

Okay obviously some explanations are due: one, they're actually moving further & further away from the environment as only assholes drive cars that big (okay, seriously, you need to stop bitching about gas prices when you're one person (albeit morbidly obese) in a car so big I can't see the traffic lights in my midsize sedan. Also, if you won't go over the speed limit get out of the left lane. Dick).

Anyway, it's obvious Obama partially entangled himself in this by making campaign promises impossible in a situation where a) we're occupying two countries, b) the economy has made friends with the gutter, c) Americans are at their most indolent, having simultaneously discovered high fructose corn syrup ("corn sugar" can go fuck itself) and the benefit of overemphasizing the sales sector....

But, again. If you really expected change in two years...you deserve idiots like Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.

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