I Suddenly Know Why People are Stupid About Science

To the non-scientific layperson:

With the recent news about those syphilis experiments in Chile out, I get it. You're afraid of being tricked by the unscrupulousness that sometimes accompanies an insatiable curiosity, and since curiosity pretty much defines science....

Here's the thing, though: that guy was the same guy who ran the Tuskegee study. Clearly there's something wrong with him and his approach; if you knew anything about modern ethical committees and the strictness with which labs define their own working protocols for animal and human studies, you'd be a lot more comfortable with how it's done. (Not to mention the dipshits over in PETA and the ALF would finally go find something real to do. I hope those people don't take any medicine, considering how hard they work to undermine the development of new drugs. Did you really think the FDA would allow human testing before animal testing? Oh, you read that nonsense about how in vitro could cover it all. Um, no. And the cells still have to come from somewhere.


Anyway, you still use accountants after Enron; you still talk to people even though some of them are serial killers. Holding an entire profession accountable for scattered morons helped by political conditions is ridiculous.

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