How to Eat a Pomegranate

So yeah I do have this blog that's aimed at explaining how to eat difficult fruits to people, but the pomegranate is kind of special.

Step one: decapitate it. (Take a knife, chop off the side with the weird fibrous shit coming out of it, although sometimes it's just a round thing. We call this the "top.")

Step two: scoop out its innards. They come in these little segments so you can grab a handful at a time and pull them out. Then you get to kind of rub off the really thin inside skin so you can move onto the next section....

This is why the pomegranate is not even remotely something you should take outside, or for that matter attempt to dissassemble in any room where there are white things. Floor, counter, wall, clothes--whatever. The seeds explode! Especially if your pomegranate happens to be deliciously ripe.

See, the best part about the pomegranate is that when you bite into one of its delicious offspring, you get this amazing explosion of juice. The worst part about the pomegranate is that when you squeeze one of its delicious offspring a little too hard, you get this amazing explosion of juice.

Fact: the pomegranate is the fruit of choice for serial killers everywhere.

Dexter approves.

Oh god, what happened here? I DON'T KNOW BUT WE WILL GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS
Note the splatter pattern.

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