Why does SOPA exist?

What with all the furor about SOPA and PIPA and SOPA Jr (okay, that hasn't happened yet), I think people are forgetting to ask...how the hell did we get in a position where enough people are backing an incredibly vague, draconian bill that says any website that links to a foreign site with stolen content can be banned? How did something written by people who obviously have no understanding of how hard content regulation is make it this far?

The obvious answer, for one, is Lamar Smith. Dear Texans, please kick this clusterfuck of a reactionary out of office unless you want to see Silicon Valley implode out of sheer frustration.

The other thing is--Hollywood. The entertainment industry. The MPAA/RIAA got the DCMA and all that DRM bullshit through ages ago. Why haven't they figured out that if they took advantage of these new technologies by posting free content with lots of well-placed ads, they'd make a killing and look good doing it?

Because we let them.

There's some kind of vague movement for "black March"--buy nothing from the entertainment industry, don't see movies, don't buy overpriced albums, &c., &c....don't even (sob sob) buy videogames (note, EA is totally douchey about this kind of thing)--try this for a quick breakdown.

Personally, that's a good idea. I think I will do it, although I will keep the Netflix because you know what, Netflix is what they should be doing.

Fuck the reactionaries. The entertainment industry needs to man up and enter the 21st century already. They've had 20 years to figure the Internet out.

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Pete said...


I'm with you on this. I'm fed up with these greedy bum holes. Personally, I don't buy anything any more. Everything I want, I already own and all the new shit is just that, shit!