Blackout March

If you're online I'm guessing you're not exactly a fan of SOPA, PIPA, ACTA...whatever random bullshit the out of touch politicians come up with.

Anyway, I heard something about a protest where people should, for the month of March, not give a penny to the entertainment industry. Tragically for videogamers, Electronic Arts is one of the biggest supporters of Internet blacklist bills...but you know what? Worth it. I can wait an extra month for Mass Effect 3, or to see whatever movie is in movie theater.

I'm holding on to Netflix, though, because that's the direction I want the distributors to go. If I had Gamefly I'd probably keep that, too.

How about you?

We need to show the people who think the Internet is a marketplace above all else that they are wrong, and obsolete, and if they don't evolve then they are fucked.

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