Reasons why I cut you off, Wisconsin drivers

  • You didn't signal you were about to turn.
  • You were drifting into the other lane, so I thought you were turning.
  • You were going below the speed limit in the left lane.
  • You had your brights on. FYI, the streetlights work.
  • You had no conception of how 'right of way' works, and idling wastes gas.
  • You are a lone person driving a massive SUV and you're blasting the AC because it's 105 degrees outside.
  • I didn't understand roundabouts. (I do now, and if I cut you off in the future, know it's for a different reason now.)
  • It's a highway. Speed.
  • I am an impatient person who learned how to drive in Illinois from someone who learned to drive in California. "FIB," it's a thing evidently.


Please take the bus.

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