METEOR SHOWER! Or, I Finally Get a View of the Perseids

Alright, so maybe there's good points to living in Wisconsin besides the beer. Specifically, the skies were finally clear on the day the Perseids passed and, by the way, I live in an apartment with some nicely dark areas that, while framed by trees, are clear enough for me to see things.

21 years to see the Milky Way (though thinking about it, I should have seen it when I was seven. I don't remember it, that's for sure).

23 years to see a goddamn meteor shower. D:

And I mean, I would have been happy with one full blown Hollywood style meteor that's so bright you have to shield your eyes and also grants all the wishes or whatever. Instead, I hung out outside for ten minutes and caught A WHOLE BUNCH OF REAL METEORS YOU GUYS.

They're kind of like flies, just barely in your vision...as soon as my totally stellar (ha, ha) night vision kicked in they got brighter, but the first couple were so faint I didn't realize I'd seen REAL FUCKING METEORS. Which is the saddest, because it's important for a girl to be aware when her meteor cherry's been popped.

And when you think about it, I'm getting super excited and making wishes (so many wishes) on bits of millennia-old dust balls burning up in our still-intact atmosphere. I guess that is alright. Technically I'm also freaking out about space travel with the Earth as our ship (totally channeling FFVII, yes), but 'eye of the beholder'?

But anyway! Going right along with that good night vision, I have nice peripheral vision (all in the rods, bitches, now if only my goddamn corneas held a proper shape), so I caught a couple I would have missed if I'd been focused entirely straight up.

Since I'm totally ADHD and also don't like being eaten alive (damnit, why did I switch to shorts, it's not even shorts weather today—75/56, ARGH), I was only out there for ten minutes. But they were a pretty sweet ten minutes!

Go watch some meteors! (Unless you're in Chicago because you can't see fuckall there, bloo hoo hoo.) The show is best tonight until dawn.

NASA keeps up the badassery, now on meteors

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