From College to...

Woo. One year down, three more left! Three more giant freakin' summer breaks...and that's it. Essentially. Hell, grad students don't take whole summers off. It's just not economically feasible.

But yeah, what did I learn from college?
--Alcohol bad. But funny all the same.
--People are really fuckin' conceited.
--It is necessary to be fuckin' conceited to succeed properly.
--Life sucks. Then you die.

So yeah, everything, basically. Or at least, that's what my former professors would like to think.

Oh well. I'm sure it's worth ~$30k a year.

Anyway...to...Driver's Ed. My GOD. I'd forgotten how spectacularly pathetic life as an underling is. Haven't had to call anyone Mr, follow a dress code, answer basic questions, listen to people mispronounce basic words like "hypnosis", deal with spoiled rich kids, control the swearing, take notes off a whiteboard, watch stupid videos, maintain the face of tolerance towards narrow-minded, conceited, ignorant little Republican WASPs, or in general have to talk to the average upper-middle-class midget (hahaha, I'm OLD! For ONCE!) since...I dunno. More than a year ago.

Heheheeeeee...they're on MySpace! Hahahahaha!

So anyway, if these sorts of experiences continue, my ego will reach previously unheard of levels, which is pretty damn impressive.

If I were a nicer person, I'm sure that I would find their exuberance and shallowness quite adorable. But I'm not, and it's just obnoxious. July 5th: my personal Independence Day.

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